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Vastu Shastra - Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

In Vedic practices, most ancient techniques of classical Hinduism, mantra symbolizes as a necessity for spiritual and high attainment. Mantra is a Sanskrit word which is formed by combining two words “Manaha” and “Trey”. “Manaha” means act of man (self) and “trey” means save or also means releasing. Mantra is used to save oneself from the problems of life and after life. So the mantra can also be seen as a way to get release from the cycle of death and birth or to get “moksha”.

“Moksha” a person who never rebirth in this earth again.

In simple words, mantras are energy based sounds which is used for worship God or Goddess to attain desired results and overcome difficulties and problems of life. When we recite a mantra that utilizes the part of our brain which deals with our power to connect with the outer world. When we recite a mantra with the clear intent and focus on the power associated with it. The part of brain transmits the same to the outer world and synchronization happen between the person and the superior energy source. This process when repeated over a period of time with consistency and devotion leads to fulfillment of the desired results.

In Hindu thought, while repeating a sacred formula-a mantra, we have different mantras for different god and Goddess and for different purposes because each mantra has a energy pattern which is synchronized with the particular energy source. For example, the mantra for Jupiter is synchronized with the energy source which is calm in nature and would be helpful to attain spiritual win over one’s self. (Based on the position of Jupiter in an horoscope)  So chanting mantras give synchronization with the energy source which can fulfill the desire one have as well as to create effective vibrations for mental, physical and spiritual healing.

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